Nina Birkeland - designer

Nina Birkeland - designer

Throughout the work of Norwegian Graphic Designer, Nina Birkeland, is an undeniable sense of identity. Yet, that identity is not exclusively that of herself (although that is present), but of the piece itself. Within projects as diverse as her promotional flyers, banners and posters, or her album cover work, the project to which each piece of her work relates carries a unique stamp of internal consistency.

Through her album covers for the likes of trumpeters, Arve Henriksen and the legendary Jon Hassell, pianist Christian Wallumrød, vocalists Sidsel Endresen and Anne-Marie Almedal, or Punkt (the production team of Jan Bang and Erik Honoré), or book covers for Poets Nils Christian Moe-Repstad and Paal-Helge Haugen, a distinct imprint of her own personality is present, but never at the expense of that of the project for which she is creating the first visual reference point.

Most notable perhaps is her work for the Punkt Festival, where each year has carried a new and distinctive character, unified, and undeniably "Punkt". Whether by means of textural density, or a sparseness with mere plains of solid colour or a few simple lines, each work is imbued with a singular cohesion, presenting the festival afresh to the world, particularly in the form of the much-cherished Punkt Magasin.

Only the most scrupulous readers of this annual tome are perhaps aware that the image of the festival they so admire is the consistent and creative vision of one of the most talented and prolific designers in the field of music today.

Nina Birkeland - designer

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